Sunday, January 5, 2014

West Virginia's First Oil and Gas Explosion of the New Year in Tyler County at Jay-Bee's Lisby Pad Site

This report compiled from Internet Reports and Pictures

Before the explosion
West Virginia rang in the New Year with a bang thanks to the Oil and Gas Industry. Sadly, because of the rush to drill and lack of proper oversight we can expect to hear of these things pretty frequently. Remember that here in West Virginia only about 6% of the proposed wells have been drilled so far .... and look at all the incidents and injuries those few wells have brought us.
This explosion occurred around 11 pm Thursday night January 2nd, on the Jay-Bee Oil and Gas "Lisby Pad." The site is located on Big Run off of Indian Creek Road in Tyler county. EMS responded and reportedly there was a life flight helicopter dispatched to the site. The DEP has reported that it was a "fluid spill" and has been contained. Does a simple fluid spill cause a tank to become ruptured and lay on its side. How can we expect the WV DEP to give proper follow-up when these type of incidents happen?

And then there were five
Pretty Powerful Liquid Spill eh?