Tuesday, January 21, 2014

West Virginia: We demand clean and safe water

I'm Stacy Gloss, a MoveOn member in Charleston, West Virginia, and I started a petition to the West Virginia American Water Company, which says:
It is West Virginia American Water's responsibility to ensure that its drinking water is safe for every one of its customers. We are boycotting drinking West Virginia American Water until levels of crude MCHM are reported at undetectable levels with the best testing practices available and results made public on the West Virginia American Water website. Until the water is safe for pregnant women and all other at-risk populations, we will not drink the water.

A toxic chemical was spilled into the Elk River above Charleston's main water intake on January 9, 2014, that poisoned our water supply, putting hundreds of thousands at risk of exposure. Our friends and families have reported a chemical odor, vomiting, itchy eyes, and skin rashes due to exposure—even after they were told that the water was safe for consumption after following West Virginia American Water's directions for flushing our water systems.
Please join me in demanding that West Virginia American Water clean our water supply and make it safe for all West Virginians.