Monday, December 23, 2013

Taylor County Residents Suffering from Admittedly Inadequate Shale Dryer Facility

These are pictures of Triana Energy's poorly maintained, woefully inadequate dryer facility. It is approximately 700 feet from the home of Denise Binion. It is leaking noxious wet gas and whatever else has been forced out of the Marcellus shale going into this pipeline. It has been leaking this stench for over a month this time. Fortunately the deafening noise that usually accompanies such incidents is not occurring at this time.

It is located on the Morgan farm on Smith Road, Taylor Co. WV, just southeast of Corbin Branch Road, heading toward Middleville Road. The fumes carry right up the valley into our backyard, about 700 or so feet away.

Calls to the WV DEP and the US EPA have been fruitless. They claim that Triana is aware that the facility "is inadequate to handle the quantity of wet gas going through the pipeline." There is allegedly a plan to "move it to somewhere less populated," but a permit to do so is required and "permit approval takes time."

My neighbors and I continue to experience chronic coughs, dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Even my dogs' eyes are red and irritated. The fumes are strong enough that they get into the house even with doors/windows closed. Unfortunately, one neighbor whose house is ~250 feet away has had a for sale sign up for some time with no takers.

I only wish that I could bottle this stench and give a big whiff of it to the House and Senate leadership, along with our governor so that they could get a better idea of what residents have to deal with. Of course no well, pipeline or facility such as this will ever be installed near their residences.