Monday, September 16, 2013

WV Water Research Institute Providing Water Monitoring Instruments to Citizen Volunteers

Folks, I'm forwarding this offer from Art & Pam Dodds.
Please contact them directly with requests

Three Rivers QUEST (3RQ) is the water monitoring program managed by the WV
Water Research Institute.  Their website is .  3RQ
is providing grant money to watershed groups to gather water quality data:
pH, temperature, and conductivity.  Save the Tygart Watershed Association
has received grant money toward this effort and is providing the monitoring
instruments to citizen volunteers.  We are now active in this watershed
group and will be monitoring at several locations which we will select
downstream from Marcellus shale drilling operations.

I (Pam) have printed a map showing the locations of Marcellus shale drilling

operations and I'm transferring these locations to the topographic maps on
my Terrain Navigator computer software.  I am also identifying the drilling
locations which are active in order to provide the most pertinent water
sampling locations.

We hope that members on your listserve will be interested in volunteering
their time to monitor stream locations.  If those interested could provide
the general location where they live or would be interested in sampling
(Rte. numbers and nearby intersections are all I need), I can provide the
stream locations that would provide the best data pertaining to the drilling

operations.  We hope you can announce this to them; they can respond to you
or directly to us.

Also, attached is information we received from the Choose Clean Water
Coalition explaining two bills (H.R. 1175 and H.R. 2825) that Representative

Matt Cartwright (Pennsylvania) has introduced to Congress to require
regulations for Marcellus shale drilling.  Both bills have many co-sponsors
and we believe the bills should be supported by people interested in getting

some regulations for Marcellus drilling.


Pam and Art